Brand Marketing Assessment

We will start a series of marketing assessments that can also be applied for regional or national marketing application. It is imperative to assess your brand for local Greensboro marketing needs and for regional and national marketing needs. The competitors in the marketplace change as well as a customer’s viewpoint for a brand. A customer’s values may change as they get married and have children versus the values they had as a single adult. They may have become a Christian whereby their values and beliefs changed. Many reasons will effect value changes for people. Your company has also changed as products and services are improved for better service and efficiency internally and externally.

The most important item that a marketing brand assessment will provide your business is to have all company employees get on board with the refreshed brand for the company. You may add a mission, vision, and/or culture statements and the important is having everyone on board with the brand for the company. You want every employee including staff that doesn’t interact with customers to have the same applications for your brand all across the company.

Internal Marketing Brand Assessment

How do employees across all levels of your company perceive the company brand?

What does it mean to them? What is your internal brand perception and what are you doing to compete in the marketplace? An evaluation is necessary with all marketing strategies along with all of your customer and market research.

External Marketing Brand Assessment

You will also need to know what customers and non-customers think about your brand and what it means to them. Depending on market research that you have available, your company may need a program for obtaining market research about your brand perception. You may need market research about certain products or brands within the corporate structure. You may need to find out many things about prospect perceptions and what they think of the brand, products, and/or corporate entity.

Here are a few questions from a marketing consultant to conduct a basic brand assessment for your business: (Pay close attention to wording of questions.)

  • Is your brand Outstanding to set you apart from all competitors?
  • Are you updating All brand elements to stay current and cutting edge?
  • Have you developed a byline or jingle unique to your industry?
  • Do you have a Unique Selling Point that nobody in your market offers?
  • Do you Always use All branding elements within All marketing components?