Image Building – Social Grace For Your Personal Marketing Brand – Chapter Four

We present to you our series finale on social grace, thank you for your participation.

The function presents unique social challenges to a socialite and people attending a function.


Sorbet is served as a healthy and nutritional palate cleanser, the purpose is normally between courses ones palate needs refreshing and in particular after a course of fish or seafood. Gourmets argue that it is imperative that one partakes of sorbet as the acidic ice crystals prepare the palate for the next delectable course. Sorbet is prepared with citrus fruit, egg albumen and water, then it is frozen. The indication that one is due to receive sorbet with the meal would be the presence of a tea or sorbet spoon amongst the cutlery at your place setting.

The Toast

A toast honoring a person or persons present at the function, or alternatively a fraternity member and including a head of state is proposed and made at a formal gathering.

The protocol is simple.

1. All people present are required to stand.
2. The selected toast glasses need to be, charged with either, sparkling wine, (champagne from France) or port.
3. The port or Champagne glass for the proposed toast needs firm grasping in the right hand, or commonly known as the “toasting” hand.
4. Gently raise the glass to your lips, never gulp the contents, chances are a second toast could follow the first.
5. When the person that proposed the toast sits down all guests may follow suit.


May a guest remove any part of their clothing during the course of the meal?

No part of clothing may be removed during the course of a meal this will include items such as dinner jackets and your tie.


The number of courses during a meal may vary according to budget or the logistics involved, the following order of dishes is the accepted standard fair.

6. Soup – Entre’ – Fish- Sorbet- Main Course – Dessert – Cheese and Biscuits – Coffee and friandises (sweet and petite bite sized cake pieces)


Smoking is never permitted, show respect for other guests, the chances are good that after the coffee is served the men may retire to an anteroom or to a cigar room where Cuba’s prime cigars will be enjoyed along with a liqueur and/or a coffee.

Alternatively, the women will retire to the anteroom for chitchat and tea and the men will remain rooted in the dining venue and enjoy a good Cuban together over idle business boasting.


Within ten minutes of proceedings ending one should start excusing oneself from the function, standard etiquette requires one to wait until the VIP guests have left the room.

Approach your host and thank them graciously for their hospitality, and request that they excuse your further presence.

Loitering is disrespectful to your host and partner/spouse.


The final act that is required of you is to drop a short hand written note or a modern trend is an e-mail to the host thanking them for their hospitality.


Social grace is a fast diminishing art; our grip on civil and graceful behavior cannot be left purely to chance. The lift it gives your self-esteem is immeasurable and will stand you in good stead throughout your life and career.