Image Building – Social Grace For Your Personal Marketing Brand – Chapter Four

We present to you our series finale on social grace, thank you for your participation.

The function presents unique social challenges to a socialite and people attending a function.


Sorbet is served as a healthy and nutritional palate cleanser, the purpose is normally between courses ones palate needs refreshing and in particular after a course of fish or seafood. Gourmets argue that it is imperative that one partakes of sorbet as the acidic ice crystals prepare the palate for the next delectable course. Sorbet is prepared with citrus fruit, egg albumen and water, then it is frozen. The indication that one is due to receive sorbet with the meal would be the presence of a tea or sorbet spoon amongst the cutlery at your place setting.

The Toast

A toast honoring a person or persons present at the function, or alternatively a fraternity member and including a head of state is proposed and made at a formal gathering.

The protocol is simple.

1. All people present are required to stand.
2. The selected toast glasses need to be, charged with either, sparkling wine, (champagne from France) or port.
3. The port or Champagne glass for the proposed toast needs firm grasping in the right hand, or commonly known as the “toasting” hand.
4. Gently raise the glass to your lips, never gulp the contents, chances are a second toast could follow the first.
5. When the person that proposed the toast sits down all guests may follow suit.


May a guest remove any part of their clothing during the course of the meal?

No part of clothing may be removed during the course of a meal this will include items such as dinner jackets and your tie.


The number of courses during a meal may vary according to budget or the logistics involved, the following order of dishes is the accepted standard fair.

6. Soup – Entre’ – Fish- Sorbet- Main Course – Dessert – Cheese and Biscuits – Coffee and friandises (sweet and petite bite sized cake pieces)


Smoking is never permitted, show respect for other guests, the chances are good that after the coffee is served the men may retire to an anteroom or to a cigar room where Cuba’s prime cigars will be enjoyed along with a liqueur and/or a coffee.

Alternatively, the women will retire to the anteroom for chitchat and tea and the men will remain rooted in the dining venue and enjoy a good Cuban together over idle business boasting.


Within ten minutes of proceedings ending one should start excusing oneself from the function, standard etiquette requires one to wait until the VIP guests have left the room.

Approach your host and thank them graciously for their hospitality, and request that they excuse your further presence.

Loitering is disrespectful to your host and partner/spouse.


The final act that is required of you is to drop a short hand written note or a modern trend is an e-mail to the host thanking them for their hospitality.


Social grace is a fast diminishing art; our grip on civil and graceful behavior cannot be left purely to chance. The lift it gives your self-esteem is immeasurable and will stand you in good stead throughout your life and career.

Certain Online Marketing Stratagems That Are Essential in 2017

Online marketing has imposed a big impact on both the smaller & bigger organizations. In fact, it is actually wiping out the traditional marketing through its approach. The concept of online marketing is also relative and varies from organization to organization depending on their amplitude, work culture & capital. With a lot of techniques that belong to different categories, online marketing has a bouquet of strategies for all the organizations, whether small or large, whether with a huge capital investment not.

A big part of the online marketers think that online marketing is limited to SEO, SMO & SEM, where in reality, a lot of other online marketing strategies have already arrived at the end of 2016 and some of them are still coming since the beginning of 2017. So, as the field of online marketing is quite vast and very much volatile, therefore, the biggest online marketing experts always do the experiment and upgrade themselves to cope up with these changes.

But geniuses are geniuses and we can’t wait for being one of them without doing nothing. So, before we lose the game and stay backward, here are certain strategies for you that are dominantly impacting the field of online marketing in the present year of 2017 too!

Voice search

Not to say much, Google itself is emerging to the voice call search process. As online marketing majorly works around the search protocol, so the evolution of this latest search technique makes the game easier! Search by voice takes comparatively lesser time and freedom to choose the language users to want and is practically a very optimized method than the general search because it is easier and rapid in terms of showing results on the SERPs. With the rapid growth of voice search on the smartphones over almost all the countries of the world, the reach of this type of search has grabbed half the world of online marketing with its flexibility, smoothness and facilitated terms & conditions.

Niche Content Curation

Google now supports GIFs & videos on the SERPs that directly approach the viewers once they open the page. Once any topic is searched, along with the text contents and images, videos and GIF files also open up to optimize the understanding of the users. The crawler of Google crawls the websites and find out the videos and GIFs and when anyone searches for the niche term, the related videos and GIFs are displayed from the cache. This process has already started in the larger portion of the USA and in the near future, it is expected that this feature will dominate the entire virtual world.

Mobile Responsive Marketing

The ‘big switch’ from the big screen to the small screen, more specifically, from desktop to smartphones has compelled the invention of responsive content. As more and more people are accessing the websites through the smartphones, along with the design, the contents need to be mobile friendly. To keep pace with this change, the online marketing strategies are also evolving into being mobile responsive.

Live Streaming Cuts The Snow!

To redeem online marketing from its old, almost obsolete freezing mode, the social media sites have launched the live streaming in the year 2016. The concept clarifies the objective that checking out the ‘at present scenario’ of the host makes the branding strong. With the help of the faster internet facility and the omnipresence of the smartphones, live video streaming channelizes the constant flow of endorsement and grab the attention of more public. As the amenity gets more and more attention, it is to hope that in the present year, we are going to get this feature more optimized.

The ‘Go Getter’ Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the latest in, in the online marketing in 2016. As a consequence, more and more industries are striving to apply this strategy, but without a proper knowledge of how to leverage it for a proper business progression. As influencer marketing focuses less on the direct approach to the targeted group of customers and focuses more on the key leaders or influencers to generate more traffic to your business, it empowers the online marketing from a new perspective.

Content Marketing & Dense Content

Content density is the major requirement of organic SEO services. High-quality content and proper keyword stuffing in a website helps to grab the attention of the viewers and enables the website to gain the traffic easily.

The ratio of the content on a page and the size of it is referred as content density. If a web page has a higher content density rate it ranks better in the Search Engine Ranking Pages or SERPs. This is because, with a higher content density rate, the crawler crawls the website and finds it more quickly.

As people have less time to read the entire article, highlighting the particular portion of the articles that can make the deal is the key to success. Dense content marketing focuses on the chosen content that helps in achieving a good deal of traffic through content marketing.

Who Should You Listen to When it Comes to Marketing, Branding & USP?

A heated discussion started this past week when I referred to an article published by Michael Masterson on Clayton Makepeace’s website. Here’s the article. Opinions began to soar, people began to interject long paragraphs on my Facebook page about why they thought (respectfully) that Michael was wrong and while they do many times love Clayton, but they thought he wasn’t on target either. My first response was, “Who the heck are you?”… but I took the better approach in writing and asked for proof on their opinions. Few gave any.

Now before I go any further please know that I respect and follow Michael Masterson and Clayton Makepeace very carefully. It has never been my position to prove them wrong or to see whether or not what they are teaching is true. Why would I take such a position? Because their track record in business, marketing and copywriting is much better than my own. They are already proven, not on trial and are a braggable asset to so many successful companies that my opinion is to listen to and trust them.

When I mentioned this on Facebook ironically someone had an argument for that as well. They felt I should respect all perspectives and give everyone a chance to voice their opinion. That it didn’t matter how much money they made.

My response was that while I respect and honor all people, you are not worth your salt at all if you can’t make money with your marketing and copywriting skills. People don’t hire and rehire a marketer because they are innovative, fun and a very nice person. These are wonderful added benefits if they come along with the biggest requirement- they can create cash with their skill. If they can’t create cash with their marketing and copywriting they will go hungry and have skinny children.

Can you imagine applying this perspective to other industries?

Imagine a automobile mechanic who is innovative, has a unique perspective and is a very kind person…. however….they suggest you should put water, instead of oil, in your car. They believe wholeheartedly and recommend to all of their clients that people should really use purified H20 in their car and quit getting oil changes. Just add more H20 as you need it. Let’s go one step further and this person has a website, a big following on Facebook and even on Twitter but the sad fact is, they are completely wrong. Putting H20 into a car instead of oil is not only stupid it is downright dangerous. Does this mean I respect their perspective and give them referrals and continue to bring my car to this business owner?

Sad isn’t it? When we lose touch with what creates results in the marketplace. What is a result anyways?

When someone says to me, “Well making money isn’t everything in business” I want to ask them what they mean by that.

Do they mean that they are financially independent, have no need to support themselves, have an enormous amount of time on their hands and use business as a hobby? Typically not. They typically mean this, “Even though I haven’t made any money in business please pretend like I’m successful because it makes me feel better.”

Yes, I just said that. If it irritated you it might be a good idea to stop reading.

I’ve been building businesses online for 14 years. There was a time period when I wasn’t actually building but was offline and sick for about 3 years. During this time however more than 2-3 times per year I was paid for advise regarding business and spent hours still, every single week, staying up to date on what was going on online in regards to business.

Before I came online I had run a profitable cleaning business, residential and commercial, as a single mom. I had also ran 2 health food stores, 1 gym and even did an errand service business at one point in my life. Coaching as a bodybuilder was a job I had as I ran the gym back in the late 80’s. In each case people paid me money for my service or product because of it’s value. The result was the bottom line. I’ve never been able to make money simply because people like me and enjoy being with me. Quite frankly the only profession I can think of that does that is immoral… but don’t worry I won’t go there.

What has happened in our world when calling yourself a ‘Business Owner’ is as common as anything? What ever happened to credibility, track record and results?

What is a business owner?

Dictionary: Business = Economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth.

Sandi interpretation: Business Owner= Economic system that has goods or services exchanged for one another or money, not just talking about it.

Just because anyone can put a website up doesn’t mean that everyone who has a website is a business owner. Just because there are thousands of home based business opportunities out there doesn’t mean that every person who has enrolled as a distributor is a business owner. Furthermore, just because someone has an opinion on USP, Branding, PPC and Marketing doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about.

MaryEllen Tribby cuts to the chase with this statement on mislead marketers:

“It is a whole different ballgame when you are actually responsible for growing a business. When you are the one to brainstorm, test, and roll out REAL marketing campaigns. When you are the one to either hire the copywriter or write the copy. When you craft an offer and select the media.

But the real game changer is when your actions and the results you produce are responsible for putting food in your kids’ mouths and a roof over your family’s heads.”

There’s no excuse for being misled and misguided when it comes to marketing. There is more information than any time in history to help you do extremely well in business. But be careful. Check for results. Don’t be misled by Madison Avenue styles and persuasion. Who cares what shoes a woman wears if she can’t produce results in her clients lives! Even if a dude knows all the NLP and LOA and manifestation strategies by heart if he can’t create repeated results and results that last in his clients lives (which means that they continue to profit even if they aren’t umbilical chord attached), how valuable is that person?

Just as I said on my Facebook wall the other day. I respect and honor all people but if you can’t create the moohlah you aren’t worth anything when it comes to Marketing.

I’ll close with this. Master the basics. Learn how to create a profit in one industry first. Quit trying to stretch yourself thin with ten mini-sites that are supposed to make you rich but have yet to create a dime. Work on one thing, one message, one focus and one business first. Take that to $ 100,000 and then build from there.

Have a good mentor. Look for someone who is currently actively doing what they teach. If they’ve lost some of their gusto and are still pitching the same ole same ole that made them money in 1999- look for a new mentor.

Pay attention to people like Clayton Makepeace and Michael Masterson. I’d also follow people like MaryEllen Tribby and Bob Bly. Rich Schefren is the person that many refer to but won’t give away his identity. (You know, the sales copy that says this “big marketer who you’d know who he was if I told you but I won’t”) type thing. Rich has a list of clients he’s served- check it out. He isn’t called the guru to the gurus because it was a cute thing to say and became his brand. It’s because many of the gurus online today weren’t worth a stinking penny online before they got some coaching from him.

Stay focused, build it hard and reach your goals. This alone will clear away allot of the confusion when it comes to finding out what really works in business- don’t be impressed with shiny objects and smiling faces.

Get results. It’s the only thing you can take to the bank!