Why Outsource Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is practically the most important way to improve your business in acquiring more customers. However, before you can achieve this, you will need to delegate your marketing strategy to the professionals. This will give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Instead of focusing on trying to keep up, focus your efforts on things that require your expertise as the owner and leave the other to the experts.

You probably think that outsourcing to a marketing company would be expensive and it would be better to just do it yourself. But the truth is outsourcing will save you money, and not just that there are other benefits of outsourcing your marketing strategy that make it more advisable:

· Experience – when outsourcing your marketing you can take advantage of the knowledge of best practices found within a marketing agency, a consolidated group of experts. Outsourced agencies will have experience in a variety of marketing operations and will understand what works best for businesses like yours. You will be buying into their wealth of expertise.

· Flexibility – outsourcing your marketing is much more flexible than hiring staff and can be suited to your needs. For example, if your business is experiencing a “boom” stage, a larger budget can be injected into a marketing agency when required. Whereas, if you are going through a “bust” stage, marketing budgets can be reduced quickly to suit your business and you are not tied to a long-term company employee.

· Professional Service – when outsourcing your marketing investing in a marketing professional is sometimes the best thing to do because you may not be getting all the benefits that are possible. Is the person being creative, strategically minded, customer centric, a professional graphic designer, knowledgeable in web development and aware of marketing legislation? You will probably not find these attributes entirely in one person, so when you are investing in a marketing agency you will have access to a team of individuals who specialize in each of these subjects, allowing you to get more value for your money.

· Time Saving – with outsourced marketing, you are also likely to save a lot of time. Instead of sourcing, interviewing and training potential marketers, you can gain access to a team of professionals as passionate about your brand as you are.

· Cost Saving – outsourcing is cheaper than the cost of hiring a full-time professional, and it allows you the benefits of an entire team of experts on an as-needed basis. This saves you company money and time that can be used for other tasks

· Full Access – with the right team, you will get complete access to all your data and the services provided by the marketing company. There will be no hidden fees and the service will be provided with total transparency. This allows the company to run automated without having to worry about marketing initiatives.


Investing in a marketing agency will not only save you time and money, but also allow your marketing activity to become bespoke to your business and give you access to a team of experienced marketing professionals.

Brand Marketing Techniques – Brand Marketing Essentials

What is brand? Is it just a name or a logo? Absolutely not, a brand is a word, term, design, symbol or their combination which gives an identity to products or services or both delivered by one seller or their group to identify and differentiate from the products, goods or services delivered by other sellers. So purpose of brand marketing is not to get exposure to the target group of buyers but it is to create a good look, a sober perception and creating a loyalty in which your consumer have no other way but to believe that you are solution of all their issues. The brand talks everything about the product one is going to set market for.

Brand marketing techniques are tools and tricks to build a strong perception, a deep level of trust and passion in consumers. These techniques help the brand to bring up itself with stronger image and promise. As it is clear now that branding is the promotion of glowing perception in audience to convince and promise to provide them safe products, assurance of purchasing valuables, providing them with sense of social well being and acceptance and the brand marketing techniques are the ladders for brand to reach on such height. Brand marketing techniques involves everything starting from name and theme of brand to the advertising approaches.

Naming the brand is first and most important part of brand marketing as names have their role in defining the personality of a brand as well the tone which brings life in marketing. Today naming a brand is a difficult phase as a lot of names are already taken in form of trade marks. While choosing a name for brand one must choose a name that is simple, evocative and pure in theme. Brand marketing involves a good deal of consumer’s analysis and a brand must know the needs and feelings of their consumer, also their expectations to brand. A brand must have to address the emotional feelings of the audience to receive proper ground in return. In marketing, feedback and its recognition has vital position to catch loyalty.

Keeping in mind that a well marketed brand will have trust of consumers and consumer will trust all his products until brand is moving or offering something which is not in its genre. To understand the concept let us take an example. PlayStation is a powerful famous brand nowadays and is sub-brand of Sony Corporation. The idea is also known as endorsed brand, in previous case; Sony is endorsing PlayStation means Sony Corporation is sharing his trust with PlayStation. When designing a brand marketing technique, if your brand can get endorsed it doubles the exposure of the product.

Advertising is the backbone of brand marketing techniques and internet brand marketing is more interactive that traditional advertising. Off course the reason is wide access to consumer and a huge space to deliver brand’s objectives, motives and its views and feelings for the customer. Online feedback system provides easy interface to user for feedback along with fast recognition of their feedback. Website visit counting system can also help the brand to monitor effectiveness and also the changing trends. Most of the brands are providing news feeds and other interactive things on their web portal to push consumer to visit them regularly increasing effectiveness of brand and command of loyalty.

Image Building – Social Grace For Your Personal Marketing Brand – Chapter Two

Welcome back, to continue our series on Social Training, our departure point will once again focus on the social dinner/luncheon.

Introductions are at the best of times a clumsy and an uncomfortable exercise.

Our own warped common sense at times dictates that we attempt to avoid stumbling through it as speedily and as humbly as possible.

There are simple rules one should follow with regard to social introductions.

Social Introductions

Consider an introduction as an opportunity to place your own personal brand firmly on the map, be proud of who and what you are, stand upright, chin out stomach in and chest out, it helps if one is smiling, not the Cheshire cat variety, a small comfortable smile is sufficient.

What is the correct social etiquette or protocol regarding introduction?

VIP guests and officials enjoy the privilege of being introduced to the other guests present at the function. An official may include company bosses and directors.

1. Your introduction to a Director, State Governor, a Senator, or Minister of State.

i. Social protocol is that one should always introduce yourself to the senior person or dignitary; the dignitaries concerned are normally briefed as to who you are by an aide, or alternatively by the host. You do all the talking.

“Senator Smith I am John Paul Jones and am honored and pleased to meet you madam”

2. Social protocol dictates that the Senator in turn has the privilege of being introduced to your wife or partner by exclamation of the following; “Senator Smith; please permit me to introduce my wife Anne”, then turn to your wife.

ii. “Anne meet the Honorable Senator Smith”

3. With social introductions, there is one standard exemption to social protocol. When ones spouse is visibly pregnant (visible swelling), she is thus carrying life, the normal social roles then become reversed and the Senator is consequently relegated socially and has the honor of meeting a woman whom is guaranteeing the continuation of humankind.

iii. ‘Senator Smith, meet my wife Anne”, “Anne the honorable Senator Smith”

The Bar Area

Social behavior in the bar is elementary and follows strict protocols.

  1. Never crowd around the bar counter, place your request and move away as speedily as possible.
  2. All ladies present including those not in your direct company must be served or attended to first, as a male it is your social duty to attend to this protocol, this may include the ladies not connected to you or your immediate social circle.
  3. Never converse socially with a bottle and glass in your hand, pour your drink speedily, place the empty bottle or container on a side- table, or counter, and then one is free to join a conversation.
  4. The same protocol applies to smoking, one cannot smoke and pose with a drink in your hand, you smoke without clutching a drink and one drinks without smoking, one hand is always free.
  5. Mingle with fellow guests, marketers will describe it as “covering a room” or “networking”
  6. Topics considered a social taboo are, woman, politics, and religion.
  7. Never leave the bar area with a drink in your hand, never gulp it down to avoid wastage, this practice raises eyebrows.
  8. Check for a visible table plan in the bar or reception area displaying where you will be seated for the duration of that dinner or luncheon.
  9. A gong should sound as the call to assemble at the dinner or luncheon table.
  10. Leave the bar area in an orderly and reserved manner, manners play an important role during this exercise, women first always!

Introductions are an important part of every day life…

Having negotiated the mine field of an uncomfortable entry to a social gathering our candidates are ready for the dining room.

Please read Chapter 3 for a comprehensive guide to dining room protocol…