Image Building – Social Grace For Your Personal Marketing Brand – Chapter Three

Welcome Back to our progressive series on social grace, in Chapter 3 we guide you through dining room protocol.

The entrance to the dining area or dining room

Move swiftly as possible to your designated seat and stand behind the chair in wait for fellow guests to arrive.

Why am I not seated directly next to my wife or partner?

Protocol dictates that in order to promote dialogue between guests, it is preferred that your spouse be seated opposite you as opposed to directly next to you. The reason being it promotes dialogue between strangers and curtails “closed” intimate chatter.

When can I be seated?

Once all dignitaries and senior guests have arrived and are seated.

Are there ever exemptions to this protocol?

Pregnant women if needed may sit down immediately, in certain instance a prayer or grace forms part of the proceedings before guests sit down. Protocol is simple, a nominated guest or chaplain will say grace on behalf of all gathered.

Wow, I have a full collection of cutlery in front of me.

Do not be fazed by the sparkling silver in front of you, the layout or setting is designed to be used from the outside in. The meal starts normally with the soup spoon on the extreme right of the cluster of cutlery. Consuming soup has a few minor rules that should be followed.

1. Place your spoon into soup, in an arc with a fluid motion away from your body lift the spoon toward your mouth.
2. Never sip loudly
3. If you enjoy the soup and have an absolute desire to extract all the soup from your bowl, tilt the bowl slightly away from you, never toward you.

Bread at the table

There are rules one has to observe regarding the eating and consuming of bread at the dinner table.

4. Never butter the entire bread portion as if you are applying coats of plaster to the bread, always butter only the bit you intend placing into your mouth.
5. Break off the desired bit of bread you intend buttering with your hand, before butter is applied.
6. Place the piece of buttered bread into your mouth using only your hand, never use a fork or instrument for this task.
7. Never wipe the butter knife onto the bread, plate, or napkin to remove residue butter.

Eating with my hand at the table

The foods that are consumed by hand are:

8. Olives – Asparagus – Lamb Cutlets – Fruit – Prunes and dates.
9. When using hands at the table, the use of only the left hand is preferred.
10. Never use both hands simultaneously for eating.
11. When one wishes to eject a fruit stone from the mouth, the use of a spoon for this purpose is the norm.
12. There is a modern trend toward de-boning lamb cutlets.

What is a safe and prudent policy with regard to consummation of alcohol or a beverage at the table?

During the course of a dinner or luncheon, a true gentleman or lady will never leave the table to go to the bathroom. Sip your drink carefully.

At what pace should I eat?

The host and their designated aides will determine the pace of the meal.

The guest of honor is normally a matrix for determining the speed of progression for the entire meal.

What if one does not want to partake of the wine they are serving?

When the sommelier(a highly qualified wine steward)approaches you to fill your glass, simply place your hand over the top of the glass or alternatively turn the glass over provided the glass is empty and/or unused.

In addition to the cutlery, there is a host of glasses on the table.

The glasses all have a specific purpose.

13. The small miniature wine type glass is for port
14. There are two wine glasses
a. Smaller wine glass is for white wine
b. Larger wine glass is for red wine

15. A large flat sparkling wine glass available or alternatively a champagne flute is also available.
16. There exists a possibility that a cognac glass would be on the table, the glass has a large extended bowl with a narrowing rim.
17. Certain functions will allow a water tumbler to be present on the table.


The rules and guidelines may seem prohibitive or extreme, we are a planet of social beings, in the animal kingdom the rules are enforced with castigation and in many instances, death is the price a transgressor ultimately pays. Dining with grace is an elegant and spiritual event in the life of humankind.

Please read chapter 4 for The Finale To Our Series on Social Grace…

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditionally, the term “market” refers to the place where buyers & sellers meet for exchange of goods & services. Market is the very common term,known to all, but depending upon the quantity of goods handled, there are wholesale market & retail markets.
In the modern concept sense the term “market” has a broader meaning. It refers to the sets / collection of actual or potential buyers of a products & services.

There are various categories of the marketing, but there are two main segment, first being the traditional marketing & second, being the digital marketing. In this article, we will discuss about these methods in details.


Traditional marketing refers to any type of promotions, advertising or publicity,which are generally used by the companies/ business entities for a longer period, & that has a proven success rate.

In old times, marketing was defined as the flow of goods & services from producers to consumers. This is a product oriented definition of marketing. The producer concentrate only on the products that what they can produce / manufacture, & need of consumers are not taken into the consideration.

Methods of traditional techniques include print advertisement, such as newsletters, billboards, newspapers ads. Other forms are television, commercials, radio -broadcasting advertising about the product or service of any company.


Since the technology is advancing in now-a-days, that demands the change in everything. The digital marketing is a part of the computerisation. Talking for about 20 years back, there was no computers, no mobile phones & of course, no internet connection. But as the technology grows, after some time mobiles phones & computers are introduced into the life of human being. After some more time, internet facilities got introduced, which bring about the digital revolution. Examples of the digital marketing includes the websites, social media networks, emails are the common. The digital marketing is similar to traditional one but by using the digital devices & information technology. It is Faster, reliable & easy to find medium & therefore accepted worldwide.


Digital marketing is a broad term that refers the marketing through the online medium like search engines,websites, social media networks & emails.Digital marketing is sometimes also called the online or internet marketing.

Digital (latest) marketing technique include the SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), content marketing, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing & social media marketing.

There are various reason for the growth of digital marketing.

1) Digital marketing techniques are more cost effective than traditional concept.
2) Digital process faster than old one, thereby result oriented.
3) Any individual / company track his/ her performance.
4) All process being reliable, generates better revenues.
5) Digital media facilitate the interaction with targeted audience.

However, there are various factors that affect the process of firm’s ability to develop & maintain the successful transaction & relationships with the target customers. There is generally two types of environment inside any organisation. One is stable, not changing with time & changes are very frequent. Second being the dynamic field that keep on change according to the demand.

For carrying out the successful business, either it may be old or new, one need to give the proper attention on choosing the right consumers, creating the audience & by developing the superior value of the service / products.

The Branding Agency & AR (Augmented Reality) – Main Tips to Implement It

In the past the brand design, branding agency concept ruled. Nowadays, after the physics became nonlinear and more quantum based, the branding agency has now become more experiential vs. just brand identity designs. So, in the past looking for an open market, placing your product and/or start intrusively shouting your offer was the best way to do marketing, moving forward to the industrial era it became more cold call system than strategy itself. As time goes by we have been living a phenomenon of exponential acceleration of things and thanks to that exponential theory (Moore’s law) the more it moves forward the wider the leap in time, it correlates and side by side with cosmos enlargement theory by astrophysics.

Having into account our daily lives and daily routines, if we manage to remember, back in 1938, Mr. Buckminster Fuller for the first time introduced a very quirky word called ephemeralization which means among other meanings, the trends of “doing more with less”, a term mostly used in chemistry, health and obviously the industrial field. Stanislaw Ulam, little bit later in 1958, wrote a publication which was based on a conversation he had with John von Neumann where the main topic was the acceleration progress of our technology and how it influences human life. Later on, Hans Moravec was the first one to generalize Moore’s law in order to make predictions about the future of artificial life, Hans was computer scientist and futurist. Moore’s law talks about exponential growth patterns within and in the complexity of integrated semiconductor circuits. Based on Moore’s ideas, Moravec extend the scope to it into other modern and future forms of technology, particularly Robots and how they evolve into an ever more intelligent specie, moving further to the mere integrated circuit theory.

Because technology and religion (beliefs not dogmas) influence the way people see the world and indeed shapes our attitude and as some other sociologists say it helps create, maintain or make disappear entire cultures and this way civilization we can see the level of current technology influence is so high that sometimes we cannot notice, otherwise you might remember James Burke and his TV series Connections (1978), later on: sequels Connections¬≤ (1994) and Connections¬≥ (1997) where it was mentioned for the first time the conventional linear and teleological view of historical progress. It’s just today and now we must discuss based on quantum and other theories that look forward to connect to other forms of perceptions, linking this way senses and technology until it goes to more subtle levels we cannot understand yet.

Branding and marketing are facing nowadays new ways to integrate messages into people’s perception and the graphic design agency is this way searching for more interesting brand marketing strategies. The new branding strategy agency will be the one who can integrate marketing and branding via super tools to expand the stimulation of our senses and taking us to new level of perceptions. That will be the new creative marketing agency of the future.

Top branding agencies are now betting for micromoments (thanks to Google!), not anymore, intrusive cold calls and/or direct sales. It is now the brand experience or micro moments, it is the journey through the purchasing process that has apparently more value than the purchase itself although is the opposite. The product branding strategy is simply following what the branding in marketing corporate branding strategy is dictating, therefore, the design and branding agency leverage the creative designs to bring forth new levels of experiences.

The new “branding a company” will not merely want to be one of the best branding agencies, just branding a product. The branding advertising agency of the future will include positive values into their brand marketing strategy, therefore, we will not only do branding and identity just for the sake of doing branding but in order to leave a transformational message to the mankind and help them grow.

Ideas to implement AR to branding.

In the past, branding a business with the help of a branding and design corporate branding agency started by creating a brand of course and this is something any creative design agencies, design branding agencies or corporate branding companies used to do.

  • It should and exclusively start by understanding ourselves. An honest and sincere understanding of who you are, your strengths, weaknesses, potentialities. This require deep and systematic silence in order to penetrate deep levels of inner intelligence and understanding both of our inner nature and nature around us. Great changes happen in silence, never amidst the noise.
  • Observe nature. Mother nature is the best teacher we can have in order to create similar experiences via artificial devices. Most of us, almost all startups I know, are so focused on generating profits that they even forget to honestly take care of themselves; sadly, enough, once they achieve their financial, material goals, etc. (if they manage to achieve it) they are sick and can’t enjoy what the results.
  • We are always jumping up and down between either artificializing nature or humanizing artificial things, say, devices, isn’t this a contradiction? Best idea in this is to understand the real value of nature and the real value of human nature and the real value of that interaction.
  • Therefore, the brand design company must adjust as much as possible the new advertising agency branding paradigm: The human being as the main subject not the product, service or idea itself. Understanding the human being behind the device is of utmost importance, nowadays we talk about UX or user experience, it should go beyond that UX, beyond the simple subject-object interaction. Just like physics classification has different shares of categories from a gross into a subtler levels or covers, just like onion rings, this way we should see this whole thing from a holistic point of view.
  • Brand marketing companies must delve more into the heart and soul of the brand identity work. Marketing and branding companies and even top advertising agencies must not think only of the money but of a more transcendent work that goes beyond a simple brand positioning strategy.
  • Augmented Reality enable the end user to position or place any life-size 3D model into any specific environment either with trackers or not. Therefore, it enriches our cameras feed and fill it with any contextual information released by the source. So it aligns reality with your mobile, laptop, etc. Great study cases to carefully analyze is the British Museums’ Ancient Egyptian trail or The Augsburg Display Cabinet at the John Paul Getty Museum.
  • Does it take lots of resources to implement (budget)? Are you or your advertising and branding agency following a marketing branding strategy? Disney for example, is using AR for interactive book coloring series and for promotional purposes such as the Star Wars Weekends (SWW).
  • Is this experience looking forward to engaging more or creating more brand awareness as part of a defined brand strategy consulting outlook? AMC Theatres use AR in order to engage moviegoers and this way interact with different engaging items such as promotional movie posters by using their phones or tablets.
  • In what stage fit AR in the sales and marketing funnel? How can it boost that specific stage? Volvo for example used AR in order to nurture their prospects base before launching XC90 in 2015. Volvo wanted to show the cutting-edge design behind this model by letting know the most important and interesting capabilities of the XC90. The wanted prospects download the “Volvo Reality” app in order to end users check and delve inside of the car system, go for a virtual drive highlighting its main and nice features along the way.
  • What you offer must be something, outer nature doesn’t have, otherwise is a waste of time. For example, City University London has implemented cARe. As a Jisc-funded project, the idea behind is to provide a simulated clinical training to nurses to support patient care. You must download the cARe app an iPad that is usually loaned and a headphone splitter so students can concurrently access and listen to a resource. The resources that students had access to were adapted, converted and further developed from the CeTL website (a City University resource that offers learning resources related to clinical and communication skills).
  • Get yourself centered. Yes, you first. Do research, plan, execute, measure, learn and try again.

Branding and marketing companies, brand management consulting agencies, marketing and advertising firms, brand consulting firms, branding corporate identity specialists and creative advertising agencies can use advertising and branding AR in order to engage its target to more premium packages by using AR branding strategies in virtual marketing. For example, Marriott gives you the experience of teleportation. Teleporter VR Program uses a 4D sensory experience in order to immerse into travelers’ real travel experiences. The database is full of different travelers’ personal stories and experiences when traveling different destinations around the world. Therefore, the story created by the user’s experiences is in a shareable mode.